RoundTrack systems

Automated Track Guided Vehicles (ATGV)

Big-name customers use our Automated Track Guided Vehicle systems (ATGV) on the RoundTrack installed in their production facilities. The track-bound transport carts use, for instance, an inductive energy supply to move through the production lines – fully automatically. The high repeat accuracy achieved by our ATGV systems makes interactions with other machines possible. This allows automatic integration of the ATGV system with lifting platforms, turning stations, filling machines and many other units.

Moreover, our ATGV systems are characterised by incredibly low energy consumption due to their low rolling friction. Our customers appreciate the great economic efficiency that our systems achieve thanks to maintenance-free components.

Advantages of the track-guided Strothmann ATGV:

  • Flow assembly in the load range of 1 – 100 t
    • Avoidance of crane transport and associated risks
    • Many years of experience and a large number of references in the heavy-duty sector (Agricultural machinery, aviation, wind power, injection moulding and processing machinery, etc.)
  • Variable chassis design
    • Design of cart to specific purpose

L= 3500 mm
W= 2000 mm
H=220 mm
Agricultural machinery assembly
Payload 23 t



L= 7500 mm
W= 2800 mm
H= 400 mm
Agricultural machinery assembly
Payload 16 t



L= 3010 mm
W= 2850 mm
H= 440 mm
Transport of turbine componentes
Payload 85 t

L= 3810 mm
W= 1540 mm
H= 150 mm
Assembly of milling machines
Payload 10 t

  • Precise positioning with repeatable accuracy
    • Due to the track guidance, positioning accuracy and repeatability of up to +/- 0.3 mm are possible (e.g. for use in measuring devices and flow assembly lines)
    • Maximum repeatability allows efficient integration in automated processes (e.g. welding – and riveting robots, stacking lines, lift tables, etc.)
  • Maintenance-free system
    • All components of our track guided AGVs are maintenance-free. In contrast to conventional AGVs, the wheelsets do not need to be serviced or replaced (minimal spare part inventory and no free space required for maintenance work)
    • No redundant drives required
    • No spare carts required
  •  High energy efficiency
    • Due to the minimal rolling resistance, low drive power is required to move large loads (e.g. 2 kW to move a 30 t load)
    • Minimal drive power required
  • Floor-level installation
    • Traversable with forklift and pallet jacks
    • Safe work environment through prevention of trip hazards
  • Floor wear reduced to zero
    • No point load in contrast to standard AGVs (no ruts or damaged floor)
    • No floor maintenance required in the area of the track-guided AGV
  • Different types of energy supply concepts available
    • Induction / Battery / Hybrid / Energy chain
  • Integration in operational control systems
    • Easy connection with higher-level control programs or adjacent automation
  • High ROI
    • Higher ROI compared to standard AGV systems (no maintenance, no subsequent teaching, no failures due to loss of positioning, etc.)


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