RoundTrack systems

Drive systems

Battery drive

Battery-operated carriages are very easy to install and can also be used on carriages that change direction.


Induction drive

Carriages with induction drives allow contact-free energy transmission. The control cabinet and the control system for the induction systems are supplied by STROTHMANN.


Cable drum

Die Kabeltrommel ist am Fahrwagen montiert und rollt sich selbstständig wieder auf.


Pulse conveyor system

For ergonomic flow production up to a total weight of 300 tonnes on the RoundTrack line. Enables automatic movement of your component to the next work station.



  • No interfering contours / cables

  • Change of direction is possible

  • Control system on board in the carriage


  • Long service life

  • No interfering contours / cables

  • No charging cycles

  • 24/7 operation possible
  • Continuous driving possible

  • Data transfers possible
  • Drive energy for additional functions on the carriage 


  • Easy installation

  • inexpensive


  • Improved productivity through fixed cycles 

  • Time savings
Low maintenance
  • Can also be retrofitted

  • Better occupational safety

  • Green technology

  • Simultaneous indexing along the entire line 

  • Simple operation
  • No tripping edges because the drive is installed in the ground


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