RoundTrack systems


Your component/product can be moved manually from one work area to the next in a dolley on the patented RoundTrack system. One person is able to move a mass of up to 5 tonnes without any technical aids.

Even loads in excess of five tonnes can be transported in the dolley using our MoviMax or our indexing drive as an external pushing aid.

In many different application areas where the RoundTrack and the dolley have proven their worth, the requirements made of our transport equipment are almost limitless. We adapt the design of those special component holders that serve as an interface between the dolley and your component/product to guarantee safe transport in your production hall. 

Dolleys can also be fitted with lifting tables, rotating equipment and many other extras. We will be happy to help you design your dolley idea so that your production facility can be designed more efficiently with the RoundTrack.


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