RoundTrack systems

Change of direction

The module of the RoundTrack systems are designed so that the trolley or carriage can reach any required position at the site by means of crossing elements, quadro turnstiles or turning stations. Manual or automated rotary and lifting equipment facilitate easy changes of direction.

Crossing Element


The crossing element facilitates changes of direction in combination with our patented cross-shaped chassis. The crossing element is installed together with the RoundTrack.

Quadro Turnstile


The RoundTrack junction comprises 4 individual rotation units; the cassettes in the car are pivot mounted. A passive four-way switch is switched using a knee lever that is installed in the car. In the case of active four-way switches, the direction is changed by means of pneumatic four-way switches in the floor.

Turning Station


The turning stations are manufactured to customer specifications in the required gauge. The turning stations mounted flush into the floor can be controlled manually or by means of a drive (automatically). The entire drive is turned on the turning station so that the trolley or carriage can change direction.


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