Hot forming

Press loading and unloading

The feeder is able to shine in hot forming applications in particular: it is significantly faster than alternative press loading and unloading systems, e.g. robots. This minimises blank cool-down, with a significant effect on the properties of the formed workpiece.


Feeders / transfer systems

Strothmann provides a wide range of feeders and transfer systems for hot forming. They are adapted specifically to the extreme ambient conditions (heat, abrasive dust) during the hot forming process and have proven themselves in more than 60 lines worldwide. Depending on the blank size, batch size, press table size, etc., Strothmann offers transfer systems and feeders with a payload of 40-200 kg and X strokes of 2500-6000 mm.

Tooling change

The tooling change is performed manually or automatically, depending on customer requirements. An extended stroke on the Y axis of the feeder / transfer system makes the tooling easily accessible, irrespective of the tool change method.

Optional additional axis

The feeder's X2 axis can be mechanically decoupled and equipped with its own drive. This makes it possible to program the position of the X2 slide independently from the X1 axis. In specific cases, this allows for reduction of traversing paths and therefore of the cycle time.



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