Press automation

Cold forming

The FeederPlus concept by STROTHMANN is now used in eleven press lines across the world. During the transfer from one press level to the next, the system carries out several overlapping movements and can orient the moulded parts in various directions using additional rotating axles. The FeederPlus is specially suited for press lines in the medium price and speed segment.
 STROTHMANN developed the CompactTransfer for retrofitting high-capacity suction presses. This compact electronically-controlled transfer allows stroke figures of up to 16 stroke/min. In 2016 the sixth system was installed successfully in Mexico.

The principles created with the CompactTransfer are also applied in the HighSpeedTransfer that is used in the new tandem press lines and retrofit projects. The tooling is attached to a crossbar made of CFK material in both the CompactTransfer and the HighSpeedTransfer. The CFK crossbar is lightweight, very strong and also has a low natural frequency. This makes it easy to realise high acceleration levels.


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