To promote innovations

Education, research, and innovations are indispensable for a modern industrialized country such as Germany to hold its position in the competitive international market. It is our company philosophy to contribute to these endeavors.

High-Performance Region for Mechanical Engineering

The innovation network OWL MASCHINENBAU is to strengthen the economic and technological performances of the mechanical engineering region OstWestfalenLippe in international competition.

With 300 companies and more than 42,000 employees mechanical engineering is one of the long-lived core competences in the region. The trade, which mainly consists of medium-sized enterprises, meets the challenges of increasing globalisation and accelerated technological change with new kinds of co-operation.

Therefore, the most important goals of the work are:

  • Strengthening of the economic and technological potential of the regional mechanical engineering industry
  • Advancement of the advantages of the location for the companies competing in the global market
  • Preservation of the companies for a long-term stabilization of the employment market

The Technology-Network

Along with 174 cluster partners, the it´s OWL technology-network is a pioneer in meeting global challenges. In 45 projects, world market leaders along with research institutes develop intelligent products and production systems that make your life easier. These are user-friendly, reliable and resource-efficient.

The projects make an important contribution for the long-term stabilization of Germany as a high-tech industry location. This is supported by a LeadingEdge Cluster that has been awarded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. There is only one of its kind in the world, and it is here in OstWestfalenLippe.

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Networked thinking, networked actions

The VDMA (Verband Deutscher Maschinen- und Anlagenbau - German Engineering Federation) is one of the key association service providers in Europe and offers the largest engineering industry network in Europe.

The VDMA represents over 3,000 mainly small/medium size member companies in the engineering industry, making it one of the largest and most important industrial associations in Europe.

The VDMA covers the entire process chain - everything from components and plant manufacturers, system suppliers and system integrators through to service providers. The VDMA reflects the varied customer-supplier relations all along the value adding chain, permitting both industry-specific and intra-industry cooperation.

Executives, directors, and specialists from the capital goods industry organize in the VDMA in order to cooperate in an efficiency- and future-oriented way.

Sustainability demands responsibility

Responsibility is the driving force and thus the backbone of sustainability. Accordingly, responsibility for sustainability is also the value basis and the compass for Blue Competence.

Sustainability is here understood to balance and integrate economic, ecological and social aims. It is thus about responsibility in a wider sense, for instance for wealth, education and security, nature and the economic consequences of globalisation, structural changes or demographic trends. With the initiative Blue Competence we want to emphasize the solution competence of the mechanical engineering industry and to actively promote and offer solutions for sustainable technologies.

We - the district Gütersloh

Here it is good to live and work!In 13 cities and communities in the success circle GT live around 360,000 inhabitants, to which 21,000 enterprises come.The district of Gütersloh is the most populous county in the whole of Ostwestfalen-Lippe (OWL) and thanks to its excellent infrastructure is a top location. Many brands from the district are world famous.

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We have an eye on you

STROTHMANN does not make do with the second best. Only with strong employees, can these goals be achieved.

Projects, internships, Bachelor or Master’s theses provide future engineers with good entry opportunities in an innovative, dynamic company.

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