Big-name customers use our Automated Guided Vehicle systems (AGV) on the RoundTrack installed in their production facilities. The track-bound transport carts use, for instance, an inductive energy supply to move through the production lines – fully automatically. The high repeat accuracy achieved by our AGV systems makes interactions with other machines possible. This allows automatic integration of the AGV system with lifting platforms, turning stations, filling machines and many other units.

Moreover, our AGV systems are characterised by incredibly low energy consumption due to their low rolling friction. Our customers appreciate the great economic efficiency that our systems achieve thanks to maintenance-free components.

Advantages compared with conventional AGV at a glance:

  • No maintenance costs caused by floor restoration
    • The wide, sensitive wheels of AGV that do not move on tracks can create deep grooves in building floors.
  • Extremely high precision / repeat accuracy
    • A positioning accuracy / repeat accuracy of +/- 0.3mm is possible.
    • This permits a high degree of automation, for instance upstream of destacking systems or automated crane systems.
  • Very low rolling friction
    • Our AGVs only require a 2kW motor to transport 30-tonne loads. This lowers the total cost of ownership for the production line significantly.
    • Extremely high energy efficiency. When used for 20 years, our AGVs save energy costs amounting to approx. 1 million €.
  • Extremely cost-efficient system
    • All components of our track-bound AGV systems are designed to be maintenance-free. Unlike conventional systems, our AGV systems require no wheel maintenance or replacement.


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