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STROTHMANN is specialized in the automation of press lines and related processes. We have successfully completed press automation projects with many renowned automotive companies.


Our motto is “Innovation in Motion”. We live by these words – we continuously and sustainably improve existing modules and concentrate our resources, thus to implement new and innovative solutions for your specific requirements. With this company philosophy, the striving for perfection and our team’s readiness for unconventional paths make us a trusted partner.



PressenAutomation Pressenstraße
Project Phases


  • Consulting and application engineering
  • Engineering
  • Product design
  • Manufacturing and integration
  • Assembly and commissioning
  • Training
  • Production support
  • Service and maintenance
  • PressRoomAutomation - Project phases


 PressRoomAutomation - CompactTransfer


Companies continuously need to adapt according to market requirements. This is particularly true for automobile manufacturers. They need to improve product quality and quantity or optimize plant effi-
ciency, for example by saving energy. The life time must be increased. New legal provisions must be observed. There are many reasons for buying new machines. Retrofitting an existing facility is an eco-
nomic alternative.

  • PressRoomAutomation - CompactTransfer
  • PressRoomAutomation - CompactTransfer

The CompactTransfer was developed because it realizes the benefits of a retrofit. The eponymous compactness makes it the first electronically controlled transfer system of its kind that can be mounted using the existing drill pattern on the press frames.


  • PressRoomAutomation - CompactTransfer
Blank loading systems


Any press line, whether it is a tandem line or a gripper or crossbar transfer press, is only as fast as the blank loading system preceding it.


STROTHMANN blank loaders are internationally recognized solutions tailored to our customers’ specific requirements. Whether you search a complete solution for a new press line or wish to retrofit your existing facility in parts in order to get it up to scratch, STROTHMANN accompanies you. We generate added flexibility, process safety, and plant efficiency for you.

  • PressenAutomation - Platinenlader
  • PressenAutomation - Platinenlader
Press hardening



  • PressRoomAutomation - Press hardening
  • PressRoomAutomation - Press hardening

Over the past 15 years, STROTHMANN has implemented more than 50 automation systems for press hardening facilities. During this period, we have become one of the leading automation suppliers to this manufacturing technology. Especially STROTHMANN linear axes with their special, heat-resistant drive components have proven themselves. We have successfully implemented applications with an additional tooling rotation around the Z axis. STROTHMANN is confident that press hardening will gain in significance. Industry figures confirm this. Whether the calculations are conservative or ambitioned, everyone expects that the rapid growth of the last years is not over yet.

PressRoomAutomation - Press hardening

Advantages of press hardening


• High strength light-weight parts

• Sturdiness and ductility combined in one part

• Improved passenger safety in case of a crash

• More flexibility and freedom in parts design

Press to press transfer


This principle is employed in the constructionof press lines and transfer solutions for press lines of all sizes and kinds and for any use. These models are characterized by high availability and dynamics. Dynamics and throughput basically depend upon the parts geometry and the press dimensions. Large press gaps can be bridged without a disadvantage to the cycle time. The parts transfer between the presses takes place during the pressing process.

  • PressRoomAutomation - Press to press transfer
EOL - End of Line


The area in front of the press line (blank loaders) and parts transfer within and between the presses have been the targets of automation efforts for years, especially in the processing of large blanks and the production of skin panel parts. It is therefore all the more important to transfer the high-quality finished parts to the downstream operations in the best possible quality. Especially quality control does not want to do without the “human eye” because it is capable of making a judgment and is not limited to observing pre-set stipulations. In this area, too, STROTHMANN was one of the pioneers. The applications are as flexible as the customer requirements and specifications.


  • PressRoomAutomation - End of Line
  • PressRoomAutomation - End of Line

  • PressRoomAutomation - End of Line


The FEEDERplus6 combines the advantages of linear and articulated arm robots, carrying out linear motions and – thanks to additional, rotating axes – orienting components in different directions during transfer between the presses. Featuring six axes, FEEDERplus6 units reach the required de-
grees of freedom for such motions. The motion sequence the feeder performs in order to transfer
up to 12 large parts per minute can be realized easily and transparently. Meanwhile, this model has been optimized mechanically and the control technology has been brought up to the state of the art. They have become integral parts of our customers’ manufacturing processes.

  • PressenAutomation - FEEDERplus6
  • PressenAutomation - FEEDERplus6
Integrated control and informationsystems


STROTHMANN supplies not only all necessary system components for handling applications but also ensures a precisely synchronized interaction by using market-proven control and drive solutions. Only thus can the greatest possible output, flexibility, and gentle mechanical operation be realized.


  • Control systems for feeder and transfer lines with interfaces to parallel and higher-level control systems
  • Simple, individual, and intuitive operator interface
  • Online diagnosis and remote maintenance
  • Design and implementation of the safety functions
  • Offline programming via real time simulation (Press Line Simulation)
  • Electronic cam shaft


  • PressRoomAutomation - Integrated control and informationsystems
  • PressRoomAutomation - Integrated control and informationsystems